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About The Company

Two Happy LLC was founded with the mission of helping busy couples create thriving, fulfilling connections that grow over a lifetime together. We use Positive Psychology’s large body of research and evidence-based interventions to curate unforgettable adventures and outings that spark laughter, deepen connections, and create cherished memories. Too often, demanding careers and growing families edge out quality time with our chosen life partner. Even when we make the time, it sometimes takes too much advanced planning and research to organize more than a dinner out at the usual places.

Imagine instead, savoring a date curated to bring out the best of your relationship—whether that be learning photography together from an expert, creating candle art, or taking boudoir photos, and much more! Then, enjoy a beautiful hassle-free picnic, or arrive for your reservations at a new, exciting restaurant. Never repeat the same date again. Let us take the logistics out of the equation for you, so you can be fully present and focused on what is most important: each other.

Two Happy also offers Positive Psychology skill-based workshops for couples, such as Active Constructive Responding communication style, Thinking Trap and Resilience training, Household Responsibilities planning, and much more.


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About Relationships

In May 2023, the Surgeon General of the United States released a general advisory warning on the dangers of loneliness and isolation to mental and physical health. The solution, he advises, is stronger and more frequent social connection. And as it turns out, the unifying foundation to a life well lived are strong relationships and love. In fact, the happiest people in the world spend an average of over seven hours a day socializing.

Even more relevant, a recent 2021 study found relationship satisfaction to be the biggest correlate for high life satisfaction and positive affect. In everyday terms, your level of satisfaction with life and your day to day happiness is most associated with how satisfied you are in your romantic relationship. It’s easy for the days and weeks to tick by. Invest in growing with your partner and live the life together that you want.


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About Positive Psychology:

The major insight of Positive Psychology is that the absence of the bad does not necessarily equate to the presence of the good. Founded by Dr. Martin Seligman during his tenure as president of the American Psychological Association, Positive Psychology is the empirical study of how individuals, couples, teams, and organizations thrive. In describing Positive Psychology, Christopher Peterson

Positive Psychology is the “scientific” study of what makes life most worth living. It is a call for psychological science and practice to be as concerned with strength as weakness; as interested in building the best things in life as in repairing the worst; and as concerned with making the lives of normal people fulfilling as with healing pathology. (p. xxiii)

In short, Positive Psychology uses evidence-based research to enable us to be our best selves and live our most flourishing lives. At Two Happy, we use this body of research to enable thriving relationships.


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Our Founder & CEO, Christina

Christina Cheuk is the Founder and CEO of Two Happy. She is deeply passionate about helping couples grow together and find lasting happiness. She earned her Master’s of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Christina’s interest and excitement about the power of healthy and thriving relationships led her to write her master’s capstone on changes in the quality and quantity of relationships in the United States over the last century, which was awarded as a capstone of distinction and advised by Dr. Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology. For the past few years, Christina has served as faculty for the University of Pennsylvania’s internationally renowned Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program and has served on the board of the alumni association. With a deep understanding of the science behind happiness and relationship well-being, Christina guides clients on a transformative journey, helping them embrace authentic positivity, resonance, and personal growth. Christina also holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard and an MBA from NYU Stern. With the exception of quality time with her family and using evidence-based techniques to help couples thrive, nothing brings Christina more joy than discovering a new low-stakes life hack, such as the best way to cut a watermelon or squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.




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