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Positive Psychology-based date planning focuses on creating meaningful and enjoyable experiences that promote happiness, well-being, and positive emotions for committed couples. All dates are personalized for you and curated by experts in positive psychology and relationship science.

No Hidden Fees

All date planning subscription services and couples workshops are priced as stated on our website. You do pay for the date itself, but that’s based on your own established budget range.



Please browse through the Two Happy website for free and then setup a 30 minute free initial consultation if you’d like to discuss the best fit for you and your partner’s needs.



We understand how difficult it is to even make the time to go on the date, and to immerse yourself and enjoy it completely. Let us smooth the path ahead for you by taking on all the logistics and planning.

Recent Testimonials

Rosa & Joe

Thank you Two Happy! I’m married to the love of my life for 20 years, and turns out, I still like him- A LOT! The early years were full of little dates, romance and budding careers, the latter years were full of kid activities, kid sports, family vacations and work trips. We have both joked and lamented how we feel like passing ships in the night or what amazing roommates we have become…whomp whomp.

Two Happy literally rekindled our marriage! We thought we would have to wait until retirement or at least until we are empty nesters to have time to refocus on us. Oh how wrong we are, turns out we just needed someone to plan all the fun dates that we don’t have the time or energy to do. Every month, we look forward to what Two Happy has in store for us, and the months where we want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or even a small work victory, the date feels perfectly catered for it. Besides the dates, the Positive Psychology tidbits from our check-ins have transformed the way we interact with each other throughout the day and has not only impacted our romantic life, but our home life as a whole too.

Not exaggerating, a lot of friends and coworkers have asked me why I am smiling to myself lately, and it’s because my heart is happy!! I cannot recommend, but more importantly, thank Two Happy enough!

Holt & Donna

Two Happy is a lot of fun—the whole experience takes us out of our regular routine— maybe even a bit out of my comfort zone. Christina considers the entire day for us, which is probably my favorite part; we have time to just have carefree us time without any of the stress.

My wife and I are huge foodies. My wife got us to try this program for some quality time—while I think it certainly did the trick, what I wasn’t expecting was all the great food recommendations Christina had for us. Now we do this monthly—not just for the great date activities, but to find new secret food gems to try. Coincidentally, it’s been getting us talking a lot more in our day to day—I definitely think we find a lot of value in Two Happy!

Gene & Rick

I recently used TwoHappy’s date planning services and I’m so glad I did! They provided us with positive psychology and a couples skills workshops that really helped us to strengthen our relationship. They also provided us with great gift ideas and planning, as well as a yearly measurement of our relationship. We even got date ideas delivered monthly, which was really helpful for us. TwoHappy is a great service and I highly recommend it!

Amanda & Jen

Between work and four kids, my wife and I needed some help figuring out how to prioritize our relationship and what to do to reconnect. Two Happy gave us all the skills we needed to improve our relationship, and they made it easy by giving us regular chances to practice them on our dates. We’ve tried couples counseling in the past, and it was helpful, but with Two Happy, it’s so nice to invest actively and DO the work of making our relationship stronger and happier.

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